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Pain Specialist

Andy Steigmeier, LMT, CSCS


Andy is a pain specialist integrating positional therapy and therapeutic exercise for the treatment of chronic and acute pain, pre/post surgical therapy, muscle weakness/imbalance and injuries. He is a licensed massage therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, with a mission to help individuals live pain free without surgery or medications. 


Andy has studied health and wellness since 1991. He is a graduate of Arizona State University BA program in Communication and Business. He went on to serve in the United States Marine Corps for a total of 8 years, earning his Honorable Discharge in 2001. Andy also worked in corporate operations management for 10 years and left to follow a calling in the field of health and wellness. Having a personal history of multiple sports injuries and surgeries, Andy was interested in natural pain remedies and healing. He became a strength and conditioning specialist, working for a highly respected Sports Medicine Practice in Manhattan administering post surgical rehabilitation protocols. Integrating his business background and passions for healing, Andy became a licensed therapeutic body worker and established The Center for Health and Healing with his wife Melanie Ryan. 

The Treatment 

Treatment sessions are never rushed and rarely does a client have to wait for their session to begin. Andy’s assessments, treatments and wellness plans are based on the philosophy of Integrated Positional Therapy. He may also weave in other well- known therapy techniques as needed such as, NMT, massage, heat, connective tissue therapy, Shiatsu, reflexology, and Reiki blending both Eastern and Western healing arts. Andy educates his clients on basic muscle and bone anatomy to help them gain clarity about the root cause(s) of their pain. He also teaches clients breathing techniques, correct movement patterns as well as proper form for all of the therapeutic exercises he outlines in their individual wellness plan. Andy believes that his unique mix of treatment skills gives his clients the best opportunity to gain harmony in the body and keep it pain free. 

Awards and Recognition
Successful Hands Grant – 2016
Featured Guest – PBS, Television Series Survival Guide to Pain Free Living - 2018 

Featured Book Model- "Live Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery"- Lee Albert

Featured Yoga Model – “Yoga for Pain Relief” – Lee Albert


The Center for Health and Healing- founded in 2013

Best of Westchester Mind/Body Programs 2016

Best of Hudson Valley Holistic Medicine 2018


Nature Immersion, Meditation, Tracking, Survival Skills, Native Spiritual Philosophy, Rock Climbing, Cooking, Reading and Homeschooling Parent/Teacher

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